Contributing to QF

Universities have grown well beyond the ability of common rooms and lounges to provide space where informal interaction can include most of those at the institution. Technology allows these sorts of broadly inclusive casual and spontaneous conversations to occur again.

We welcome your contributions to these conversations.

A small committee of QUFA PACC will be responsible for reviewing and posting submissions. If you wish to contribute by writing a post or a comment, please keep in mind that this is a forum for productive exchange of opinions and ideas. To that end, we request respectful, constructive, and issue oriented submissions.

If you wish to send a short post – a pondering, an analysis, or a piece of useful information – please submit it to Gillian Barlow at or to Mark Jones at

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Concise would be nice. Comments may take a day to show up on the blog site.

Eventually posts will be archived under topics such as “Budget”, “Racism”, “Teaching”, etc., depending on the topics that people post about.

The success and continuation of this blog depends on your interest and participation.

QUFA does not vet the accuracy of the information contained in the posts and comments, nor does the content reflect official positions taken by QUFA unless this is specifically mentioned. These are the views of the authors.