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OCUFA Report: Why the “crisis” in university pension plans?

A disturbing trend is showing up at faculty bargaining tables across the province with more and more university administrations demanding pension concessions. They claim that pension plans are “underfunded,” and so pension plan members must increase their contributions, accept reduced … Continue reading

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OCUFA Data Check: Are Ontario university pension plans insolvent?

The Ontario government requires that every pension plan in Ontario regularly assess whether a plan would have enough money to pay for the benefits promised to plan members, should a plan have to wrap up operations immediately. At the height … Continue reading

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Refusing to be a minion of government, arbitrator awards U of T faculty 4.5% over two years

OCUFA Report October 12, 2010 Arbitrator Martin Teplitsky, saying he would not be a “minion of government,” has awarded members of the University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA) salary increases above the Ontario’s government “policy” of no-net compensation increases. The … Continue reading

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OUR:Data Check:Pension Fund Liabilities Increase

Published by OCUFA in Ontario University Report, 4:3 (14 Sept. 2010) The Ontario government is seeking to ease rules requiring university administrations to maintain university pension plans in good financial health. Employee groups are strongly opposed to the government’s plan.

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Whig Standard: Funding gap looms large: Pensions at Queen’s (17 August 2010)

By: ROB TRIPP, THE WHIG-STANDARD, 17 August 2010 An unfunded liability in the Queen’s University pension fund could balloon to $240 million by next year, according to projections in a university budget report. It represents a fivefold increase in the … Continue reading

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Temporary Pension Solvency Relief: A Joint Statement of the QUFA, CUPE and QUSA Pension Negotiating Team (16 August 2010)

By John Holmes, Chair, QUFA Pension Working Group, 16 August 2010 QUFA Members: On 5 August 2010, the Ontario Minister of Finance announced that the government will soon introduce measures to provide temporary solvency relief for university pension plans, such … Continue reading

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Principal Woolf unilaterally suspends pension reform negotiations with QUFA, CUPE and QUSA (23 June 2010)

As sent to QUFA members 23 June 2010: To QUFA Members: The e-Queen’s Bulletin dated 21 June 2010 led with an item from the administration titled “Ensuring the future of Queen’s pensions.” That carefully crafted communiqué glossed over an unfortunate … Continue reading

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