Paul Young, Letter to Stephen Harper re Bill C-377 (13 December 2012)

Letter to Harper re Bill C-377 – 13 Dec. 2012, as sent 13 December 2012:

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Dear Mr. Harper,

On behalf of the 1100 faculty, librarian, and archivist members of Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA), I write to express our association’s deep concern about the private member’s Bill C-377, which forces unions to track and file minutely detailed financial information for public posting.

On behalf of our members, I urge you to rescind Bill C-377. The Bill is both intrusive and unnecessary, for we already report significant financial information to our members. This Bill will incur governmental administrative costs in the tens of millions even as crucial public services are being sacrificed on financial grounds. The motivations for C-377 lie not in genuine concern for public information (which has in fact suffered under your government) but in the Conservative majority government’s determination to undermine workers and labour organization.

Thank you for hearing our concerns.


Paul Young
President, QUFA

cc: Ted Hsu, Kingston and the Islands

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