PACC Statement on Queen’s Administration’s Lack of Response to CAUT’s Report on the Treatment of Dr. Michael Mason (9 November 2012)

As submitted to Queen’s Journal on 29 October 2012 by QUFA’s Political Action and Communications Committee (PACC).  (The Journal has not printed or responded to the Statement.)

As academic staff at Queen’s, we take seriously the violation of academic freedom of one of our colleagues, Professor Michael Mason.  The extensive CAUT investigation into the proceedings involving Professor Mason has made it clear that both his basic rights and academic freedom were violated.  QUFA has endorsed CAUT’s Report and asked that the administration address its findings.  The Report’s recommendations  include a public acknowledgement of these violations and a public apology to Professor Mason, as well as a commitment to improving procedures so that such a violation does not recur. The administration has yet to respond to CAUT’s Report. By failing to respond to these charges, the administration further endangers Queen’s reputation and puts the university at risk of censure as a violator of academic freedom.  We urge the university community to recognize the risks involved in being labeled as an institution that infringes  academic freedom and respectfully ask the administration to address this matter immediately. Simply ignoring it will not make it go away.  And Professor Mason’s service to the university demands this basic sign of respect.

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