“We are all affected”: September 15 National Day of Action and Save Library & Archives Canada (11 September 2012)

From an email from Rosa E. Barker, Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), 11 September 2012.

Subject:  PSAC “We are all affected” September 15 National Day of Action and Save Library & Archives Canada

Dear members,

On Saturday, September 15, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) is inviting people across Canada to join them in demonstrating support for public services and sharing stories about the impact of federal cuts on our communities.

Events are being organized in communities in numerous regions across Canada. You can find out more about the National Day of Action, “We are all affected”, and local events at the PSAC website (http://www.psac-afpc.com/federal-government-layoffs/index-e.shtml).

Please consider joining PSAC members and allies in your communities to show your support for strong public services.

One important issue to highlight on September 15 is the systematic dismantling of Library and Archives Canada (LAC). CAUT has been working with PSAC to highlight layoffs and restrictions on public access to at LAC . CAUT’s “Save Library and Archives Canada” campaign has been an important public resource for all of those concerned about Canada’s ability to preserve, maintain, and make publicly accessible Canada’s documentary heritage.

Materials are available, including a poster that you can print out to bring to “We are all affected” events in your region at the campaign website http://www.savelibraryarchives.ca/downloads.aspx. A PDF of the Save Library and Archives Canada poster is also attached to this email.



Rosa E. Barker

Professional Officer / Agente professionnelle

Canadian Association of University Teachers / Association canadienne des professeures et professeurs d’université

2705 promenade Queensview Drive

Ottawa ONK2B 8K2

Tel / tél  613-726-5166

Fax/ télé 613-820-7244




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