Some research rankings

Taken from the London Free Press, Nov 2 article “Western bouncing back”, by John Miner.

The total research income of ­Canada’s top 50 universities was $6.5 billion in 2010, up 3.6% from the previous year. Thirty-three universities had increases in research income, while 17 saw a decline.


No. 1: U. of Toronto, $878M

No. 4: U. of Alberta, $513M

No. 5: McGill U., $469M

No. 8: U. of Calgary, $469M


Top 10 universities ranked by sponsored research income

University of Toronto
$878 million

University of British Columbia
$538 million

Universite de Montreal
$543 million

University of Alberta
$513 million

McGill University
$469 million

McMaster University
$395 million

Universite Laval
$307 million

University of Calgary
$282 million

University of Ottawa
$273 million

University of Western Ontario
$221 million

Source: Research Infosource Inc.

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