New Minister post-secondary — OCUFA Reports

Glen Murray appointed new Minister of Training, Colleges, & Universities

Glen Murray, MPP for Toronto Centre and former Minister of Research and Innovation, has been appointed Minister of Training, Colleges, and Universities for the Government of Ontario.

Murray, who served as mayor of Winnipeg, was a member of the Toronto Gay Patrol in 1983, was the co-chair of Canadians for Equal Marriage, and chair of the Big City Mayors Caucus. He won the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and the 2003 “Fight for LGBT Justice and Equality” award from Égale Canada. For his work with the aboriginal community he was given the highest honour, an Eagle Feather.

Murray was appointed president and CEO of the Canadian Urban Institute in 2007. He has served on several university, hospital, and community boards and was appointed by Prime Minister Paul Martin to chair the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, where he helped to shape environmental policy in Canada.

OCUFA congratulates Murray on his appointment and looks forward to working with him to protect and enhance the quality of university education in Ontario.

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