ACADEMIC PLAN at SENATE: Make a difference!

Apologies for Cross-Posting / Please forward widely

Dear Colleagues:

I am sending a link


to an electronic petition in support of Senator Jordan Morelli’s motion ( concerning the Academic Plan.

The text of the petition is:

As members of the Queen’s University Academic Community, we the undersigned hereby urge Queen’s Senate to reject the Draft Academic Plan as proposed by the APTF, and to pass Senator Morelli’s Motion for Completing the 2010-11 Academic Planning Cycle and for Instituting a Cyclical Annual Planning Process.

Please sign and forward widely to colleagues and students.

There are other ways too to speak out:

Don’t be shy about addressing Queen’s senators about this issue, for it is their job to consider it. They will vote on Nov. 22, and two of their options will be to pass the current draft of the APTF’s Academic Plan


or to pass Senator Morelli’s motion.  A multiple-list of their emails is available here: 

(simply block-copy and drop them into the “to” or “bcc” field of an email)

Talk to people in your academic unit, maybe organize a collective unit response there, or at least encourage individuals (students as well as faculty) to respond.
If you use social media, please post links to the Morelli motion, the petition, and/or the Real Academic Planning blog

Don’t forget that you can also post comments directly on the APTF’s website


(You have to scroll down past the existing comments first.)
My earlier post, “Now is the time to speak out”


concludes with other suggestions and links.


Mark Jones
Department of English
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario    K7L 3N6

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