Good news from Windsor!

From this morning’s Windsor Star

Strike at U of Windsor averted
October 19, 2011.

University of Windsor faculty and school administration reached a deal early Wednesday, narrowly avoiding a strike by faculty members.

“I am happy to report the WUFA (Windsor University Faculty Association) negotiating team has reached a tentative agreement with the university administration,” wrote WUFA president Brian Brown on the association’s website shortly after the 12:01 a.m. Wednesday morning deadline.

Brown wrote that details will come in the next few days about a ratification meeting on the new contract.

University of Windsor spokeswoman Holly Ward circulated an e-mail message around the same time stating: “Campus operations remain unchanged and classes will be held as scheduled.”

About 1,000 professors, librarians, sessional instructors and ancillary staff had been poised to strike if no common ground with administration was found.

The two sides have been negotiating since May. WUFA members have been without a contract since June 30.

According to the WUFA website, the major sticking point had been administration’s insistence on a “radical restructuring” of the pension plan. The association said that “basic job security” and “parity with other Canadian universities” were also at stake in the labour dispute.

A strike situation would have been the second time in three years that University of Windsor faculty went to the picket lines.

In September 2008, a faculty strike that lasted more than two weeks resulted in 16 per cent higher pay.

According to figures provided by university administration, the current average annual salaries for full-time tenured faculty positions are: $96,000 for assistant professors; $120,000 for associate professors; and $130,000 for professors.

But according to WUFA, 40 to 48 per cent of its members are only earning $6,000 per course taught — to a maximum of $36,000, teaching six courses over 12 months.

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