Constance Adamson, OCUFA Pres. (& QUFA member) responds

OCUFA President responds to Globe & Mail editorial

October 11, 2011 | OCUFA’s President, Constance Adamson, has responded to an unfortunate editorial that appeared in today’s Globe & Mail. The editorial suggests that there is a crisis in undergraduate education, and bizarrely, much of the blame lies with faculty. The full text of OCUFA’s response can be found below.

Dear Editor;

Your editorial “Canadian Universities Must Reform or Perish” (October 11, 2011) is correct about one thing: there are serious challenges facing undergraduate education in Ontario and Canada, and these challenges need to be addressed in order to preserve the quality of education at our universities. Huge classes and high student-to-faculty ratios do not make for an excellent student experience.

No question, reform is needed. But we must be very careful about which vision of reform we embrace.

[click below to read the entire article.]

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