OCUFA Report: A robust turnout of QUFA members gives Queen’s negotiators a strike mandate

A robust turnout of QUFA members gives Queen’s negotiators a strike mandate

July 20th, 2011

An overwhelming 78 per cent of members of the Queen’s University Faculty Association participated in a
strike-mandate vote, held last week. Seventy-two per cent of those who cast a ballot supported giving their representatives a strike mandate.

More than 400 QUFA members attended a strike-vote meeting last week, which was accompanied by a simultaneous webcast and followed by an e-vote. QUFA’s collective agreement expired at the end of June, and the parties are currently inconciliation. Key issues in the talks involve salaries, pension plan finances, and employer demands that would weaken job security provisions for contract academic staff.

Negotiations at the Ontario College of Art and Design University are now in mediation and then, possibly, binding arbitration. The collective agreement expired in June 2010.

At the University of Guelph, faculty negotiations will have the assistance of a mediator starting July 22. The collective agreement expired June 30 and talks began at the end of March. The university’s pension plan deficit is an issue in the talks.

Meantime, Guelph’s clerical, secretarial, technical, and agricultural workers, who are members of the United Steelworkers, have voted 96 per cent in support of a strike mandate.
The University of Toronto Faculty Association’s negotiations continue. The parties have agreed that Kevin Burkett will help mediate the talks if necessary, while William Kaplan would act as arbitrator.

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