Negotiations: FAQ # 3

Where do we stand currently in relation to the possibility of a lockout or strike?

The following 5 conditions would need to have been met before any chance of a strike or lockout:

First, QUFA, the Employer, or both would need to have applied for conciliation (the Employer did so on June 7);

Second, a Conciliator would need to have been appointed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour (the Ministry did so on June 17) and conciliation dates agreed to (first meeting with the Conciliator is scheduled for June 27);

Third, there would need to have been at least one conciliation meeting in the attempt to reach an agreement;

Fourth, the Ministry would need to have issued a no-board report; and

Fifth, there would need to have been a sixteen-day period following the no-board (during which negotiations may continue).

Given these conditions, four possible actions may follow:

First, the Employer could lock out the employees and/or make unilateral changes to the existing terms of

Second, the QUFA Executive, provided it has a strike mandate from its membership, could call a strike. The
Executive would do so only if there were, in its judgment and that of its negotiating team, no other way to reach a fair collective agreement.

Third, the Parties could agree to continue to negotiate until they reach a Collective Agreement.

Fourth, the Parties could mutually agree to send unresolved issues to binding arbitration.

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