OCUFA Report June 15, 2011: Queen’s administration files for conciliation

Queen’s administration files for conciliation, employer demands for pension concessions on the rise.

Negotiations at Queen’s University have entered a new phase, with the employer filing for conciliation a day after tabling concession demands — including pension restructuring and below-pattern wages — at the bargaining table.

Faculty negotiators are concerned about the confrontational tone taken by the administration negotiators, who have been refusing since the talks opened in January to respond co-operatively to faculty non-monetary proposals on issues such as work load and job security for contract academic staff.

Queen’s faculty negotiators will be responding to the compensation and pension proposals later in June. The faculty association at the University of Ottawa has had three meetings with the employer, with two further meetings planned for June-15-16. Faculty negotiators have tabled union proposals relating to librarians and workload and still looking forward to learning details of employer proposals.we have meetings scheduled through the summer.

In other bargaining, the faculty union and the employer at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine are starting the bargaining process. They have settled upon a bargaining protocol and will meet July 20 to exchange proposals.

At Brock where bargaining is in early stages, the major issues are similar to those seen in most of the other negotiations, with provisions governing faculty and librarian workloads becoming prominent. The administration’s proposals for changes to the Respectful Workplace articles in the current collective agreement are also emerging as an important and complex issue.

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