OCUFA Report: May 17, 2011

Bargaining opens at Windsor, other talks proceeding to next step.

Faculty negotiators at the University of Windsor opened contract talks with the employer last week, and the parties successfully reached agreement on a bargaining protocol. Windsor’s current collective agreement expires June 30.

At Lakehead and Brock universities, whose talks opened earlier, faculty negotiators have similarly reached bargaining protocol agreements with their employers. At Brock, the parties have also exchanged lists of issues they would like to address in bargaining. Faculty negotiators at Brock have also presented their administration counterparts with a formal request for the data they need to bargain the terms and conditions of work for Brock faculty.

Negotiators at Ottawa held their second bargaining session last week, during which the parties talked about the articles in the collective agreement they would like to open. Among the administration’s proposals was a demand for the establishment of a permanent teaching-stream. A major issue for the faculty association is the promotions criteria and process for academic librarians, along with time free from librarians’ scheduled duties so they can do scholarly work, which is required for promotion to upper ranks.

Queen’s faculty negotiators have scheduled further bargaining sessions with the employer — for later this month and in June — and continue to await the administration’s response to their proposals. (link to last week’s Queen’s story)

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