OCUFA Report: May 10, 2011

Talks open at Brescia for a one-year agreement.

Faculty negotiators at Brescia University College will start collective bargaining talks May 10 for a new, one-year collective agreement. The current agreement expires June 30. Faculty association representatives have called a meeting for this week to discuss with all Brescia faculty members the subject of unionization.

At Queen’s, where negotiators for the parties have met 25 times, the employer is rejecting all faculty association proposals to improve the work environment. As well, key issues at Queen’s are: teaching-intensive positions; an administration attack on term adjuncts; and administration attempts to change the tenure process that would create more hurdles and remove some aspects of a fair process. A general meeting of the membership, however, has unanimously supported the bargaining team’s strategy.

At Western, the faculty association has hired a pay equity consultant, who is also working with the university’s staff association. The university’s pay equity plan has not been maintained since its creation in 1991.

At Brock University, faculty association negotiators continue to work on a draft set of bargaining proposals. In the meantime, a faculty association subcommittee has been meeting with an employer sub-committee to discuss bargaining protocols. Collective bargaining will commence shortly.

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