Guest Post: Voting Strategically.

Dear Colleagues,

I started voting at age 21 in 1963 and have voted NDP ever since, no time off for good behaviour.    This election there is a Liberal sign planted firmly in my front yard with Ted Hsu’s name on it.  The Harper government is the worst government in my voting life.  It is dismantling at best, torpedoing at worst,  all the fundamental institutions in this country, and once destroyed they will never be rebuilt.   In truth, it is  not  a Conservative government for it is conserving nothing.

Harper would like voters to believe that a Coalition government (not his coalition, the other guys) would lead to the end of civilization as we know it.  In fact, for those of you as old as me, Liberal minority governments supported by the NDP (and before,  the CCF) have brought us most of the progressive social legislation that we have (and won’t have  any longer if Harper gets a majority).  I am all for a minority government provided it does not include the Harper Conservatives.

Do consider voting strategically in order to defeat the Conservatives riding by riding.  In Kingston and the Islands this means voting Liberal.  If you  have friends who live in ridings where the NDP could beat the Conservatives, please encourage them to vote NDP even if they usually vote Liberal or Green.
One further comment:  Harper’s popularity rests largely on the belief that his polices saved the Canadian economy during the recession.  He is proud to brag about the role played by Canada’s well-regulated banking system.  But note well,  if he’d had a majority prior to the recession he would have de-regulated the banks as the Bush regimes did in the U.S to the great detriment of that country.
I could go on.  Please consider working actively against a Conservative victory;  among other things vote Liberal in this riding.

Your retired but not retiring colleague,
Roberta Hamilton

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