OCUFA Report: talks very slow at Queen’s

OCUFA Report March 23, 2011

McMaster is going to final offer selector process; talks very slow at Queen’s.

Talks between the McMaster University Faculty Association and the employer broke off last week, and both sides are preparing briefs to present next week to an arbitrator, who will act as the final offer selector. The arbitrator then has three weeks to make a ruling on which brief will be selected in its entirety.

A major issue for MUFA is the administration’s demand that new faculty hired will not be eligible for the current faculty’s defined benefit pension plan but only for a group RRSP (which is much worse), or reduced benefit plan, a proposal that would create a two-tier pension structure that is unacceptable to the faculty association and unprecedented.

Negotiators at Queen’s University report that talks there are going very slowly, with the employer not engaging with faculty negotiators beyond “exchanges of paper.” Faculty negotiators plan to put new proposals on the table this week.

Faculty negotiators at Laurier are waiting for date for conciliation to start, and negotiations there continue. At Algoma the faculty bargaining committee has put new proposals on the bargaining table relating to improvements to pension and benefits.

At Brock, instructors, marker-graders, and lab assistants — members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees – have reached a tentative agreement within hours of a strike deadline. The agreement will proceed to ratification.

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