OCUFA REPORT: Ryerson opens bargaining

Ryerson opens bargaining, McMaster starts final offer selection, UWO librarians “solid”.

OCUFA Report March 16, 2011.

Faculty negotiators at Ryerson University opened negotiations with their administration, holding bargaining sessions Wednesday and Friday of last week. The two parties exchanged their respective positions.

At McMaster, negotiators will start the process of final offer selection starting today, Tuesday, March 15. The parties have one week to submit their respective briefs to a final offer selector, who will have three weeks to decide in favour of one of the briefs in its entirety. According to the administration’s posted brief, a key issue will be their seeking of concessions on pension contribution and plan design.

At the University of Western Ontario, the faculty association will serve notice to bargain April 1 for talks covering the university’s academic librarians and archivists, among the most poorly paid of their professions in North America. The talks are expected to begin early May. “We are in good shape and the members are solid,” reports chief negotiator Aniko Varpalotai.

The University of Windsor Faculty Association has served the administration with a notice to bargain. Faculty negotiators are seeking improvements, including non-monetary, while the administration is hinting that it will focus on changes to the pension plan.

The faculty bargaining team at the University of Toronto is compiling the results of the survey it sent faculty association members in preparation for upcoming negotiations.

Meantime, faculty at Toronto’s St Michael’s College have applied for certification as a trade union.

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