Arbitrator awards 2.2 per cent at Carleton

OCUFA Report

Arbitrator William Kaplan has awarded the Carleton University Academic Staff Association a salary increase of 2.2 per cent of payroll each year for two years. Because of some flat dollar payments, the lower pay grades will receive slightly more in percentage terms.

Kaplan also awarded increases to professional expenses, $100 immediately and a further $100 at the end of the year.

The parties had originally retained Kaplan as a mediator to help find a solution to the salary impasse at the Carleton table but, in time, they were comfortable asking him to arbitrate the salary issue.

At Nipissing University, negotiators representing part-time faculty have reached a tentative agreement with the administration, with the help of a provincial conciliator. The university’s board has ratified the new contract, while faculty will finish their ratification process this Wednesday.

Negotiations have opened at McMaster, with the parties meeting twice and exchanging briefs. Faculty negotiators are asking for a 2.5 per cent increase each year of a two-year agreement. With good reason: on an age-adjusted basis, McMaster faculty salaries are currently $3,000 below comparative institutions.

Negotiators at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology have also opened bargaining. Faculty at UOIT do not have a salary model, so that will be a top priority at the table, as well as improvements to promotion and tenure provisions.

Public sector settlements in Ontario are coming in at 2.1 per cent, higher than the zero-compensation increase the McGuinty government has been demanding but well below the current Ontario inflation rate of three per cent.

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