Refusing to be a minion of government, arbitrator awards U of T faculty 4.5% over two years

OCUFA Report October 12, 2010

Arbitrator Martin Teplitsky, saying he would not be a “minion of government,” has awarded members of the University of Toronto Faculty Association (UTFA) salary increases above the Ontario’s government “policy” of no-net compensation increases.

The award gives faculty whose salaries are above the median a 1.25 per cent salary increase effective July 1, 2009, and a further 1.0 per cent on January 1, 2010, for a total of 2.25 per cent. In both years, faculty below the median salary will receive a flat-dollar amount; the percentage increase represented by this amount will vary but will exceed 2.25 per cent in each year.

The same formula applies in the second year of the award. Another 1.25 per cent salary increase will occur July1 of this year, with a further 1.0 per cent on January 1, 2011, for a total of 4.5 per cent (4.55 per cent compounded) over the two-year award. The increases are retroactive.

Such “scaled” increases will provide heftier salary hikes for lower-paid UTFA members than for its higher-paid members, a key goal of the bargaining team.

With other improvements, the award’s overall compensation increase exceeds five per cent. The salary pattern for 2009-2010 for faculty association bargaining was a 3.5 per cent increase, and 3.0 per cent in 2010-2011.

In awarding UTFA members compensation increases above the average in both public and private sectors, Teplitsky said, “Recognition of comparable university settlements requires some upward adjustment. This award leaves faculty ‘top of the market’.”

Teplitsky also awarded a $15,000 per-course stipend and overload rate for 2009-2010, rising to $15, 340 for 2010-2011.

Teplitsky denied the university administration’s pleas for pension deficit relief, including its demands for pension contribution increases from UTFA members.

With respect to faculty’s professional expenses reimbursement accounts, Teplitsky made a retroactive award of $1,500 for all UTFA members and $1,750 for pre-tenure and pre-promotion teaching stream appointments, which would apply to all teaching–stream faculty, whether or not they were working on three-year contracts.

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