Data Check: Universities CAN afford more than zero-compensation raises.

Published by OCUFA in Ontario University Report

The Ontario government promised to fund 11,000 new undergraduates this fall, so it has increased university operating grants this year by roughly 4.5 per cent above last year. The province, moreover, will allow tuition to rise by five per cent. Together, these increases mean system-wide operating revenue will rise at least 4.3 per cent this year, and possibly as much as 6.3 per cent. OCUFA does not endorse using tuition fees as a source of increased revenue. But if universities insist on raising fees, they should not plead poverty at the bargaining table.

Note: Faculty salaries represent a declining share of operating expenses – down to 30 per cent now, from 38 per cent a decade ago. Faculty salaries per full-time-equivalent student, moreover, fell to $4,844 in constant dollars, down from $6,226 two decades ago.

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