Message from President of QUFA.

Dear Colleagues,

Representatives from Ontario faculty associations and other organizations representing academic staff met on August 16 in Toronto to decide whether to continue participating in the provincial government’s public sector consultation.

On August 18 the following message was delivered to the provincial government and the delegates from the
Council of Ontario Universities’ (COU): “The Ontario faculty associations and other groups representing academic staff have received reports from their delegation about the issues discussed the week of August 9, 2010 with COU and government officials.

We are confident that these issues can better be addressed at the local level by free collective bargaining. This would acknowledge the diversity of Ontario’s universities and their respective financial situations. We also do not accept the government’s premise that compensation is the cause of the current financial situation, nor its determination, made even before commencing its consultation process, that a two year wage freeze singling out public sector employees is the only way to deal with the province’s fiscal situation.”

The provincial government and COU were advised that the representatives that had been chosen at the July 30 meeting would no longer take part in the consultations. In keeping with the resolution passed at the July 30 meeting of Ontario faculty associations , QUFA will conduct contract negotiations responsibly according to the letter and spirit of free collective bargaining.

Cathy Christie

Queen’s University Faculty Association

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