OCUFA Resolution on the Ontario Government’s Wage Restraint Request (30 July 2010)

12 August 2010

Dear QUFA Members,

Ontario Faculty Association presidents and chief negotiators met with OCUFA in Toronto on July 30 and approved the following resolution concerning the Ontario Government Wage Policy. Marvin Baer, Allan Manson, and I attended for QUFA.

Cathy Christie

President, Queen’s University Faculty Association

Resolution on the Ontario Government’s Wage Restraint Request

WHEREAS the Ontario Government is asking workers in the broader public sector to accept a wage freeze, and

WHEREAS the Government of Ontario has said repeatedly that this wage restraint policy can and will in no way interfere with free collective bargaining, and

WHEREAS collective bargaining at the faculty association level is the only process currently in place for determining wages, so that any wage proposal must be made through that process, and

WHEREAS faculty associations have a proven history of responsible collective bargaining, conducted with a view, not just to terms and conditions of work for academic staff but also to improving the quality of educating in Ontario, addressing the needs of students, and enriching university life,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that faculty associations will conduct contract negotiations in the letter and spirit of free collective bargaining, in the interests of their members and the profession, and in accordance with their tradition of responsible labour relations.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that faculty associations will strenuously oppose any infringement on free collective bargaining; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that Ontario academic staff, through their representative organizations and working with other public sector unions, will take such action as is necessary to preserve free collective bargaining in the Province of Ontario and to protect the interests of public sector workers, the people they serve, and their communities.

Toronto, July 30, 2010

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