Ottawa Citizen: Female academics ‘discouraged’ after women shut out of funding

OTTAWA — It was a great day for Canadian academic excellence. For women, not so much.

Industry Minister Tony Clement announced the first 19 Canada excellence research chairs Monday, which bring world-renowned scientists to Canadian universities in order to lead research programs in fields ranging from biology to computer technology to the Arctic. But on the gender-equity scorecard: Men 19, Women 0. “This is really discouraging,” said Wendy Robbins, an English professor at the University of New Brunswick. Robbins was one of eight female professors who lodged a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2003 over the lack of women awarded Canada research chair grants in its early years. She said she can’t believe it’s happening all over again. “Zero is a surprise,” Robbins said. “Zero sets us back to where we were.” […]

By Mia Rabson

Excerpt from: Winnipeg Free Press May 19, 2010

Full story at:

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