Six-figure salaries the norm at top charities

Compensation figures being disclosed for the first time under changes to federal tax filings

By Paul Waldie

Excerpt from: Globe and Mail April 14, 2010

Full article at:

Some of Canada’s largest and best-known charities are paying top officials more than $300,000 annually,
government filings show. Top earners include executives at Plan International Canada Inc., Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario, York University Foundation and five hospital foundations. Those charities all paid their chief executives more than $300,000 last year and some, including York, doled out more than $350,000.

Several other charities – including the British Columbia’s Children’s Hospital Foundation and Toronto General; Western Hospital Foundation – paid top executives between $250,000 and $300,000. And still others, including the Canadian Red Cross, paid officials between $200,000 and $250,000. The compensation figures are contained in the charities’ 2009 filings with the Canada Revenue Agency and they mark the first time Canadian charities have disclosed compensation information for their ten highest-paid officials. Previously charities only had to provide limited information about their five best-paid officers.

The new filings still offer an incomplete picture. There are no exact salary figures or names of the highest-paid individuals. Instead, charities must identify the number of people who earn a salary within a certain range, with the top range “$350,000 and over.”

Compensation among charities has been a hot topic since last fall when Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children revealed it paid its former president $2.7-million in 2008 . . .

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