McGuinty gives Ontario colleges and universities an F in new spending

‘Can I honestly say that I have got qualitative improvement … ? I don’t think so’

By Karen Howlett

Excerpt from: Globe and Mail Published on Friday, Apr. 09, 2010

Full article can be found at:

Ontario’s colleges and universities need to be more accountable for the taxpayers’ dollars that support them, says Premier Dalton McGuinty, warning that his government is not getting enough bang for its investment in higher education.

During his six years in office, Mr. McGuinty has made education one of his highest priorities, directing billions in new funding to Ontario campuses, including a $310-million infusion in this year’s budget to add 20,000 new university and college spaces.

But beyond higher enrolment numbers, postsecondary institutions have not delivered the same kind of results as elementary and secondary schools, which have used their funding to hire more teachers and develop special programs to engage students, Mr. McGuinty told The Globe and Mail’s editorial board on Friday.

“Can I honestly say that I have got qualitative improvement as a result of these investments? I don’t think so, and we need to talk about that,” he said. “We have not demanded the same kinds of accountability that we have with our hospitals and elementary and secondary schools.”

Mr. McGuinty is looking at taking on the cherished principle of academic freedom as his government attempts to erase a $21.3-billion deficit.

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