QUFA message of Support for Staff Unionization

QUFA Members know first hand that Queen’s Staff are professional problem solvers. You keep the university running smoothly. We believe that Queen’s Staff will be effective and respected when you have the opportunity to apply these skills to collective bargaining.

Thus, QUFA welcomes the news that Queen’s Staff will vote soon on the question of representation!

We remain concerned that without formal bargaining rights Queen’s Staff are currently the most vulnerable members of the Queen’s community when budgets are cut and university policy changes. We believe that you will be effective advocates to protect and advance your own interests when you have the same legal bargaining rights as our Members and other unionized groups here at Queen’s.

QUFA was an association until we unionized almost 15 years ago to achieve genuine collective bargaining rights. Contract Academic Staff (Adjuncts) unionized soon after because they recognized that only collective bargaining could improve job security and ensure the fair and consistent application of employment-related policies. Through our negotiations, we have made Queen’s a fairer and more transparent place to work for our members and also a more competitive employer. Many of the benefits that earned Queen’s its place among “Canada’s “Top 100 Employers” were won through negotiation by QUFA and other unionized groups on campus. Only Queen’s Staff can make the decision to organize into a legally recognized union. Only Queen’s Staff can choose to exercise their legal right to a stronger voice and the power to improve your work lives during this time of great change at Queen’s. We hope that Queen’s Staff choose to take this step and acquire the ability to negotiate solutions for themselves. Queen’s will be a stronger community when staff voices are finally heard and respected.

Congratulations on your hard work getting to a vote! Queen’s Staff have had to overcome significant obstacles to communicate with each other and get to this important milestone. We admire the skill and tenacity of the staff who have now brought the question of staff rights and representation to a vote. QUFA eagerly anticipates the day when staff will win real bargaining rights and take their rightful place at the table. You will make Queen’s a better community and a better place to work for all of us.

Cathy Christie QUFA President on behalf of the QUFA Executive

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