OCUFA Quality Matters Campaign

Ontario’s higher education system is at a crossroads. Decisions we make today will affect our ability to provide a high quality educational experience to students now and for generations to come. Quality teaching and research depends on public funding. Faced with rising enrolment and the demands of the knowledge economy, our universities are in urgent need of new investment in the quality of education they provide.

The Government of Ontario’s Reaching Higher Plan took a visionary, long-term approach to higher education in Ontario and injected needed money into our university system. It is time to renew this commitment to higher education and equip universities with the resources they need to move our province forward.

The Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) has launched its Quality Matters campaign to convince Premier Dalton McGuinty to increase public funding for Ontario’s universities. This new investment will improve the quality of education by:

* Creating smaller classes and improving engagement with individual students;
* Ensuring students learn in the best classrooms, labs, and libraries with the latest technology available; and
* Supporting the basic and applied research that will fuel our economy; and
* Keeping the cost of higher education affordable through frozen tuition fees and compensatory funding for universities, which in turn controls the level of student debt

The people of Ontario – present and future – need a high-quality, world-class university system to succeed in the new economy and build a vibrant society. You have the power to help make this vision a reality.

Please visit Quality-Matters.ca and take the time to send a letter to Premier McGuinty indicating your support for increased investment in universities. You can also show your support by joining our Facebook page or following us on Twitter.

It’s time to move Ontario into a new future defined by high-quality education, research and innovation, and the success of every student. Thank you for your support of Quality Matters.

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