To do with less, or not.

SGPS executive call for academic excellence, not financial considerations

Excerpt from Queen’s Journal February 5, 2010

By David Thompson

Full article at:

Do we want a strategic plan for Queen’s University that privileges capital creation before quality education,
reduces students to revenue units, excludes students from the decision-making process, and attracts global
wealth instead of international students from diverse economic backgrounds?

On Jan. 15, Principal Daniel Woolf unveiled his vision of an academic plan to improve the quality and excellence of teaching while concomitantly balancing the budget, avoiding cost increases and finding new ways to generate revenue.

Can these two disparate aims be mutually advantageous? Participating in what Principal Woolf hopes will be a “vigorous debate,” the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) executive would like to address some concerns over Queen’s direction …

David Thompson is the Vice-President (Graduate) of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students.

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