Queen’s refocuses amid budget problems: University to shift resources to “brand” programs

By Carson Jerema

Excerpt from: Macleans On Campus December 15th, 2009

Full article found at:

Facing ballooning pension costs and shrinking deficits Queen’s university is planning to cut 15 per cent from their budget over the next three years. The cuts are announced just as Queen’s completed the first phase of a new athletic centre, which will leave the university with an extra $125 million in debt. Though Queen’s Centre is being partially funded through a new student levy, outside donations have fallen short. Phases two and three have been postponed.

To compensate for its budget woes, university principal Daniel Woolf says he plans to scale down the university’s offerings, and shift available resources towards core areas …

The administration had requested faculty take a two per cent pay cut, with a promise to split the savings between professors own departments and the school’s operating deficit. Queen’s University Faculty Association members voted 89 per cent against the request last Monday. The union is blaming the administration for mismanaging the budget.

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