QUFA Supports Fair Employment Week

Motion of Support of Fair Employment Week

Whereas Contract Academic Staff at Queen’s University provide invaluable teaching, research and service to the academic community; and
Whereas Contract Academic Staff at Queen’s University contribute enormously to the quality of instruction that students need and deserve, and for which they pay substantial tuition rates; and
Whereas post-secondary institutions across Canada and the United States have been relying increasingly on part-time and temporary faculty and graduate assistants to provide undergraduate instruction; and
Whereas although contract academic staff members frequently have the same qualifications as their full time colleagues, most are not fairly compensated for the work they do, and have little or no job security; and
Whereas the public needs to understand the harmful effects of this exploitation if it is to be stopped; and
Whereas a coalition of national and international unions, faculty associations and activists including CAUT in Canada and AAUP in the U.S.A. have endorsed Fair Employment Week as a time to organize a variety of activities and events across Canada and the USA in order to increase public awareness of these important issues,
Therefore be it resolved That QUFA endorses Fair Employment Week, and therefore be it further resolved that QUFA will inform members of the university community about Fair Employment Week, and will urge their support of its principles.

Approved at the October 20, 2009 QUFA Council of Representatives Meeting; approved by the QUFA Executive by email ballot.

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