Principal’s Symposium

Wisdom, Knowledge and Imagination: A discussion of the nature and values of the University, issues of interdisciplinarity, and the relations between the University and the broader community

Held on October 26, 2009 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Wallace Hall, John Deutsch University Centre, Queen’s University

By Roberta Lamb

John Burge and David MacDonald spoke precisely and with good critique of the current situation. The guy from computing spoke off the cuff, didn’t bother to prepare anything. Jeanette Armstrong spoke elegantly and to the need for doing research on the systemic structure of the university and how it is changing, as well as the need to include indigenous thinking in the university.

The creative arts and languages were well-represented. Most others were administrators or dept heads who identify with the deans. Chairs were set up in half of Wallace Hall. The seating was approximately 80% full.

¦Jeannette Armstrong, author, educator and activist
¦John Burge, composer and musician (School of Music)
¦Yolande Chan, professor and Director of the Monieson Centre
¦Randy Ellis, professor and specialist in computer-assisted surgery
¦David McDonald, professor and Director of the Department of Global Development Studies
¦Daniel Woolf, Principal and Vice-Chancellor (Chair)

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One Response to Principal’s Symposium

  1. Roberta Lamb says:

    I did not mean to have my email posted directly. When I wrote it I could not premember Randy Ellis’ name. Thus, my “guy in computing”. He should be referred to a Professor Randy Ellis. Actually John Burge is Professor John Burge. I do not understand why the university’s information did not refer to him as such. And Jeannette Armstrong told us she is an indigenous knowledge-holder and is at the ABD stage of her doctorate in interdisciplinary studies, in addition to the descriptors after her name. It was an interesting afternoon.

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